6 Hours in Taipei from M.T Pacific Garnet

Nestled in a river valley and edged by low, tranquil mountains covered in tea shrubs, Taipei is home to 2.6 million people. The cultural and political center of Taiwan, it flaunts its modernity in high-tech company headquarters, an ultra efficient public transportation system and bustling retail centers. Yet it also encompasses teeming street markets, polytheistic temples, recreational green space and other vestiges of ancient traditions reflecting generations of cultural influx from nearby and far-off lands. A haven for insomniacs of all types, Taipei is truly a city that never sleeps, welcoming residents and visitors to brush up on their history, explore their spirituality and, most of all, satisfy their taste buds.


Tea at ”100 degree”

Tea plants thrive in Taiwan’s climate and topography, and Taipei’s tea drinkers are discriminating connoisseurs. Be sure to sample varieties of  Tieguanyin (“iron goddess of mercy”), a source of local pride. Produced in a delicate roasting process, it’s a robust, fragrant brew that is low in tannin and easy on the palate.

Shop All Night

When night falls, vendors peddle snacks, massages, clothes, accessories and electronics in the city’s famed night markets. Shop and haggle the night away, snacking as you go on oyster omelets (30 dollars), salt-crusted kebabs (30 dollars), pressed-to-order sugarcane nectar (15 dollars), and the legendary stinky tofu (30 dollars), a fermented specialty that tastes much better than it smells. The night market at Huaxi Street is known for edible preparations from venomous snakes, rats and the like, believed by some to be rich in health benefits.

Asian Pub

Whether it’s post-work refreshment, or all-day weekend boozing,  offers a great selection of Happy Hour drinks…..its the real one “On Tap”

and back to ship.

Six hour is a less time for exploring Taipei..but it feels good after a long journey in the sea for more than a month..
In a hope i will get down again for a jasmine bud tea from the famous square….Nature’s joy descends upon taipei in the form of hail… Hail Nature, hail us!